Luana Munoz
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I’m an Anchor, Journalist, Reporter of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. As a Latina, I understand the issues that minorities and women face. That’s why I promote stories that expose the issues that burden us in an effort to bring about change. My Christian upbringing, life experiences, and political science studies from UCLA have shaped my interest and allow me to tell stories through a well-rounded lens.

Understanding the economy, gender and racial equality balance continues to cry out for resolution now more than ever. This has led me to research and write on topics such as my piece on “women in politics in Louisiana”; My story on “forgiveness” which won me an Emmy Award and raised awareness on how our racial divide can be reconciled with love and understanding. These topics continue to motivate me to research and write about them.   

In today’s political climate where journalism is constantly being questioned, I see this as an opportune time for Journalist to participate in the social discord in a fair, accurate and timely manner.

I look forward to the present and to the future of journalism.


  • Anchored, reported, and wrote scripts for special COVID-19 daily segments in Spanish
  • Solo anchored continuous breaking news coverage during Hurricane Laura.
  • Created a diversity team at my station to ensure balanced content and fair treatment for women and minorities
  • Promote diversity through story telling by focusing on issues pertaining to women and minorities in politics and race relations in the church.

Organizations & Awards

        National Association of Hispanic Journalist

        Former member of the National Association of Black Journalist

       2019 Mid-America Regional Emmy Award Winner

Professional Experience

Morning and Midday News Anchor – KTBS 3 News, Shreveport, Louisiana
February 2018 to Present

Multi-Media Specialist – Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia
July 2016 to February 2018

Co-Host – “The Hampton Roads Show” on WAVY-TV, Portsmouth, Virginia
May 2015 to May 2016

Reporter/Anchor – KTXL-TV, Sacramento, California
July 2012 to January 2015

Anchor/Reporter – KQ2-TV, St. Joseph, Missouri
October 2009 to January 2012

       Production Assistant Intern – CNN Espanol, Washington, D.C. – Spring 2007



University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Graduated 2007


From My Former Supervisors

“Luana is a tenacious, creative, and driven reporter. She can tell a great story, and find unique ways to get it. She brings an entrepreneurial creativity to each assignment. Unlike some reporters who are blinded by ambition, however, Luana, is a rare gem — tempered with compassion. She will find a way to tell the story and also honor the people in it. Whether she’s talking to a murderer or a victim’s mother, she listens and shares their truth and experience with the audience in a compassioned style of storytelling. She brings to the newsroom a rare combination of empathy and enterprise. As an anchor, she brings the same characteristics, wanting to understand the nuances behind the 20-second VO, and thinking about the day’s events with an eye toward their impact.”

– Brandon Mercer, FOX40 News Director

“Luana has been a wonderful example of professionalism in our newsroom. She has shown the ability to adapt to a variety of circumstances and excel each and every time. Luana craves the opportunity to broaden her skill set, asks for it and is not afraid to seek help along the way. When handed a tough assignment, Luana has proven she has the “chops” to get the job done. She has been an asset to our news team at every turn and her versatility and work ethic have been a great example for other members of our team with less experience.”

– Eric Harryman, FOX40 Lead Anchor

“Luana is passionate about journalism and dedicated to sharing personal stories. She connects with the community in a way that helps her build strong relationships as a reporter. At the same time, Luana is aggressive and does not back down when faced with a challenging assignment.”

– Bridget Blevins, KQTV News Director